Thursday, May 20, 2010

Psst - wanna avoid being creative?

There are many lists of how to do this and that,  but what if you want to avoid doing something? What if you wanted to avoid being creative? If this is you, then follow these tips and you are well down the path to being as intellectually dull as ditch water!
  1. Follow the same  routine every day, for everything.
  2. You will not see this because you have read item number one and think you know it all!
  3. Assume that your way of thinking is always right and your ideas are the best.
  4. Only pretend to listen to other people’s ideas, they know nothing.
  5. Play it safe, avoid taking chances. Never have a different sauce on your burger.
  6. Copy everyone else.
  7. Plan everything to the last detail BEFORE you start doing it.
  8. Pretend not to care and not to be inspired.
  9. Never take time to chill out and rest your brain.
  10. Believe that alternative modes of thinking are for actors and artists.
Finally, if you recognise any of the above traits in your work colleagues then please get in touch. There is a chance that they can be saved.

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