Thursday, April 21, 2011

Innovation - Asking The Right Questions

Asking the right questions can often get us off to a good start. Below is a list of some questions that you might like to ask yourself either as a group or as an individual. The questions might provide useful answers or lead you to explore other avenues.
  1. What is the biggest (avoidable) hassle that our customers have to put up with?
  2. Are there any recent changes in rules or regulations that affect our customers?
  3. Who does/does not use or products/services?
  4. Who is prevented from using our products/services?
  5. Where do our products/services perform unexpectedly well/badly?
  6. Does anyone use our products/services in ways that we never intended?
  7. Who does this the best/worst? What can we learn from them?
  8. How could this be improved if I had all of the resources that I needed?
  9. Can we improve our products our services by changing people, materials or technology?
  10. What are our top 5 sources of business?
  11. What facilities are least used/most used?
  12. Can we make our offerings easier to understand/buy?
  13. Do we know the cost structure of our offerings?
  14. Who benefits the most from our products/services?
  15. Do we have all of the skills that we require?
  16. Do we understand the competitive landscape?
  17. Are we duplicating our efforts in any way?
  18. What could we do better with more training?
  19. Do we have the right resources/sufficient resources?
  20. Can we bend the rules? Have we tested the rules?

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